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Software Engineering Company “Smart Solutions”

Company Profile

Last Edited:Jan 15, 2015
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Company:Software Engineering Company “Smart Solutions”, Full Member of RUSSOFT
Headquarters:Samara, Russia
Number of Employees:120
Year of Foundation:2010
Contact Phone:+78462793779
Mailing Address:Russia, Samara, 443013, 17 Moskovskoe sh., office 1201, Business Center “Vertical”
Visiting Address:Russia, 443013, 17 Moskovskoe sh., office 1201, Business Center “Vertical”
Annual Revenues:more than $5 mln

Software Development Center(s)

Samara, Russia; 

About Software Engineering Company “Smart Solutions”

Software Engineering Company "Smart Solutions" Ltd. develops new generation of software solutions for allocation, scheduling and optimization of enterprise resources in real time.
Our solutions automate the whole cycle of resource management in real time including:
- fast reaction to important events;
- dynamic order/resource scheduling and rescheduling in real time;
- continuous improvement of schedules by pro-active optimization of plans;
- interaction with customers, managers and workers to coordinate decisions through Internet or by usage of mobile phones;
- monitoring of plan execution and business-processes;
- rescheduling in case of growing gap between plan and reality.
In contrast to traditional centralized, monolithic and sequential batch scheduling software systems we develop distributed multi-agent systems that consist of autonomous software objects (agents). Agents are capable to compete and cooperate through negotiations- and demonstrate collective intelligence (emergent intelligence) by coordinated plan changes.
For the first time in software development the fundamental principles of self-organization and evolution similar to living systems such as ant colony or swarm of bees are used. These systems are able to solve complex tasks in real time, are open to changes, highly-effective, more stable and reliable.
Thanks to ongoing innovations of multi-agent technologies we create open, flexible and reliable systems which allow our customers quickly respond to events, process more orders with less resources, reduce period of goods or service delivery, minimize costs, reduce operation risks and achieve competitive advantages.
At the same time our systems can be easily integrated with existing PDAs, enterprise accounting systems, electronic maps, GPS devices, RFID-tags and other real time information and telecommunication technologies.
Our multi-agent technologies and products can be successfully applied not only in the domain of resource management, but in many other applications such as complex object designing, financial planning and risk analysis, pattern recognition, data mining, text understanding and solving of other complex problems.
At the time we are mainly working in the following areas:
- Smart City.
- Smart Aerospace
- Smart Transportation and logistics
- Smart Factories
- Smart Field Services

Software Development Services & Skills

Areas of Expertise:

  • Enterprise Resource Management Applications;
  • Knowledge Management / Data Mining;

Industry Domains:

  • Aerospace & Defense;
  • Automotive;
  • Industrial;
  • Logistics / Warehouse Automation;
  • Science and Research;
  • Software and Technology;
  • Transportation;

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