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Last Edited:Sep 15, 2016
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Company:E-Contenta, Full Member of RUSSOFT
Contact E-mail:info@e-contenta.com
Headquarters:Saint Petersburg, Russia
Number of Employees:12
Year of Foundation:2014
Contact Phone:+79650046951, +79119113208
Mailing Address:Gastello street, 10, liter A, 17H, Saint Petersburg, Russia, 196135
Visiting Address:Birzhevaya Linia 16, 407. Saint Petersburg, Russia, 199034
Annual Revenues:N/A

Software Development Center(s)

Saint Petersburg, Russia; 

About E-Contenta

E-Contenta is a personalized online marketing service helping Digital Media companies to increase their ARPU and the number of paying users through personalized ads and content recommendations.

E-Contenta technology analyzes peopleís behavior on the internet and predicts what each person would like to watch, listen to, read and buy. The technology aggregates and analyzes the data from our customersí platforms and other online services, as well as from social networks to form a user profile and creates personalized content recommendations for him or her.

We help our customers to attract, retain and bring back their users.

At the attracting stage, we integrate our solution with our customerís performance marketing campaign to bring right messages to right audiences. The creatives might include banners, videos or texts. The ads are only seen by financially reliable users similar to those who already use the service (look-alikes). Each banner message) is personalized: the potential buyer is dynamically offered the content, product, or service that corresponds to his or her interests.

To retain users we create personalized recommendations of content, products, and services for each user and show them on a website, in mobile app, or Smart TV app of our customers. The recommendations may be shown on the main page of the website, used in email campaigns and notifications.

To bring back the audience to the platform we run remarketing campaigns. Ad messages are seen only by those users that have visited a site or mobile app, but have not completed a target action (registering or purchasing). Each banner is personalized: a potential customer is dynamically offered the content, product, or services that correspond to his or her interests.

Check out our demo video to understand better how E-Contenta helps media companies to attract, engage and return the users to their platforms - https://youtu.be/au_jDH4APpk

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