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Last Edited:Feb 06, 2017
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Company:AstroSoft, Full Member of RUSSOFT
Headquarters:St. Petersburg, Russia
Number of Employees:350
Year of Foundation:1991
Contact Phone:+7 (812) 494-90-90
Mailing Address:194044, Russia, St. Petersburg, Gelsingforsskaya Street 3/11D, Nevka Business Center
Annual Revenues:N/A

About AstroSoft

AstroSoft is a Russian innovative company headquartered in St. Petersburg that develops computer software in such areas as Internet of things, real-time operating systems, radar, software defined radio (SDR), C/C++ compilers, field programmable gate array (PLD / FPGA, CPLD), mathematical algorithms, development tools, video surveillance systems, and unified communications software (based on Microsoft Skype for Business), 1C systems, and business process automatization. The other direction is leading vendors software distribution.

AstroSoft was established in 1991. It employs 350 employees. Headquarters is located in St. Petersburg.
Annually, we carry out more than 100 projects for clients from Russia, Germany, Finland, Sweden, the UK, the USA, Spain, Korea and Taiwan. General Assembly of the United Nations, Samsung Electronics, Nissan, British American Tobacco, Stihl are among our customers.

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