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Last Edited:Apr 01, 2017
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Company:InChip Technologies | InChip.Tech, Full Member of RUSSOFT
Headquarters:Moscow, Russia
Number of Employees:10
Year of Foundation:2016
Contact Phone:+7499 2816563
Visiting Address:Russian Federation, 105005 Moscow, 24 Radio str., bldg. 1
Annual Revenues:N/A

Software Development Center(s)

Moscow, Russia;  St. Petersburg, Russia; 

About InChip Technologies | InChip.Tech

The company InChip Technologies (InChip.Tech) was established as an engineering design center in close collaboration with the System Software chair of Mathematics and Mechanics faculty, St. Petersburg State University. Many scientific, technological and engineering companies around the System Software chair originate the ecosystem of partners capable to implement the most innovative and laborious scientific-intensive projects.

Our specialists possess deep experience in implementation of the complex and scientific-intensive projects. The project list includes the integrated communication systems for marine and avionics, fault-tolerant computers, antijam radio, digital signal processors, video broadcasting systems, industrial and consumer electronics.


Special purpose computers:

High performance embedded and airborne computers for various real-time applications including Full-HD video processing.
Hardware accelerators based on FPGA for complex algorithms and time-consuming tasks.
Fault-tolerant computers with structural redundancy (2-оut-of-3 and other architectures) for systems with strong requirements on functional safety and security.
Industrial and specialized controllers for Internet of Things (IoT) and autonomous robotic systems featured by high number of sensors and actuators, computer vision and satellite navigation functions

IP-cores for FPGA and ASICs:

IP cores for image and video processing.
IP cores of digital signal processing for broadband radio channels.
IP cores of intra-system communications.
IP cores of software configurable logic.

Telecommunication equipment:

Trusted switches and routers for backbone trunks, corporate level and local area Ethernet networks applied FPGA-based solutions for the security threats counteraction.
Firewalls and security gateways for building reliable, secure and fault-tolerant networks. Independent security design allows mitigating backdoors and trojans in the network devices and components that are non-trusted or hacked.
High performance packet brokers for metro-level networks performing classification, analysis and extraction by user-defined rules the network traffic at any protocol level (L2 to L7).
Navigation equipment provides automatic detection of coordinates, time, speed, spatial orientation angles by GPS/GNSS signals.

Real time operating system (RTOS)
Graphical tools for software development reduce dramatically the labor

Software Development Services & Skills

Areas of Expertise:

  • EAI / Middleware;
  • Low-Level / System-Level Programming;
  • Security Software;
  • Software Maintenance and Support;

Industry Domains:

  • Aerospace & Defense;
  • Computer Hardware;
  • Industrial;
  • Science and Research;
  • Software and Technology;
  • Telecom;

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