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ABBYY Software House

Company Profile

Last Edited:Dec 23, 2004
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Company:ABBYY Software House, Full Member of RUSSOFT
Headquarters:Moscow, Russia
Number of Employees:500
Year of Foundation:1989
Contact Phone:+7 095 7833700
Fax:+7 095 7832663
Mailing Address:129301, Russia, Moscow, P.O.Box 54, ABBYY Software House
Annual Revenues:N/A

About ABBYY Software House

ABBYY is headquartered in Moscow, Russia. The company has offices in the USA (Fremont, California), Germany (Munich), the UK (Bishops Stortford) and Ukraine (Kiev). ABBYY's software products are noted for their high quality, efficiency and ease-of-use. They are sold worldwide through a network of more than 500 dealers. FineReader, the company's flagship Optical Character Recognition product, has won more than 100 awards (as of December 2004) and breezed through numerous tests conducted by the world's leading IT magazines. The development of a science-based software product such as an OCR application, requires deep scientific research. This research is an integral, fundamental part of the development process in ABBYY. And in 2002 the team of FineReader developers was marked with the prestigious Russian Government Prize for Science and Technology.

Software Development Services & Skills

Areas of Expertise:

  • Document Management Applications;
  • Natural Language Processing;

Industry Domains:

  • Software and Technology;

Programming Languages:

  • C#;
  • C++;
  • JavaScript;
  • SQL;


  • Mac OS X;
  • Microsoft Windows;
  • Win CE/Pocket PC/Windows Mobile Edition;


  • MS SQL Server;


  • .NET;
  • HTTP(s);
  • Win32 API;

Application and Web Servers:

  • Microsoft IIS;

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