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Last Edited:Jun 22, 2018
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Company:ABBYY, Full Member of RUSSOFT
Headquarters:Moscow, Russia
Number of Employees:1000
Year of Foundation:1989
Contact Phone:+7 495 7833700
Fax:+7 495 7832663
Annual Revenues:N/A


ABBYY is a global provider of content intelligence solutions and services. Сompany sets the standard for content capture with innovative language-based technologies that integrate across the information lifecycle.

ABBYY solutions optimize business processes to mitigate risk, accelerate decision-making and drive revenue.

ABBYY has a worldwide presence with global offices in Europe (Munich, Germany), Russia (Moscow) and North America (Milpitas, California). ABBYY also has regional locations in Australia, UK, France, Spain, Ukraine, Japan, Taiwan and Cyprus.

ABBYY solutions, products and technologies are available in more than 200 countries and regions via a broad partner network.

More than 1000 regular employees worldwide, most of them engaged in research and development as programmers, engineers and linguists.

Thousands of companies process more than 9.3 billion pages of documents and forms annually by using ABBYY technologies.

ABBYY technologies save people approximately 970 million hours annually when converting paper and PDF documents.

The accuracy, ease, value and technical excellence of ABBYY products have garnered over 260 awards worldwide from leading industry publications and test labs.

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