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Last Edited:Sep 26, 2014
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Company:Kodeks, Full Member of RUSSOFT
Headquarters:St. Petersburg, Russia
Number of Employees:780
Year of Foundation:1991
Contact Phone:+7 812 740 78 88
Mailing Address:197376, b.3, Instrumentalnaya st., St. Petersburg, Russia
Visiting Address:b.3, Instrumentalnaya st., St. Petersburg, Russia
Annual Revenues:N/A

Software Development Center(s)

St. Petersburg, Russia; 

About Kodeks

The Legal Information Consortium «Kodeks» was one of the first companies creating Professional reference software. In 1991 the laws of Russia had rapid changes that caused the need for a fundamentally new tools and support for making decisions. During this period «Kodeks» began to shape the market for software with legal information.

Consortium «Kodeks» is a well-known leader in providing legal, technical and analytical information in professional software products. We own such brands as «Kodeks» for lawyers, accountants, and HR-specialists, and «Techexpert» for professionals in construction industry, oil and gas, energy and others. More than 12 million of documents are included in a joint information fund of Consortium.

The goal of company’s activities is in providing information support with unique software for specialists of all economic areas with everyday tasks in any region of Russia.

Every day, more than 150 thousands of domestic companies, industrial companies and public authorities rely on «Techexpert» and «Kodeks». Due to the unique distribution network covering all regions of Russia, professional reference systems are used by specialists from Kamchatka to Kaliningrad. In addition, our solutions received recognition abroad.

«Kodeks» actively cooperates with the best specialists and experts who help company to develop and to be the most reliable source of high-quality analytical data.

What we create:

  • Professional reference software;

  • Electronic archive Information system;

  • Management System for normative-technical documents;

  • Custom projects.

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