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Last Edited:Jun 07, 2018
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Company:Kodeks, Full Member of RUSSOFT
Contact E-mail:spp@kodeks.ru
Headquarters:St. Petersburg, Russia
Number of Employees:688
Year of Foundation:1991
Contact Phone:+7 812 740 78 88
Mailing Address:197376, b.3, Instrumentalnaya st., St. Petersburg, Russia
Visiting Address:b.3, Instrumentalnaya st., St. Petersburg, Russia
Annual Revenues:N/A

Software Development Center(s)

St. Petersburg, Russia; 

About Kodeks

The "Kodeks" Consortium is a partnership of developers and distributors of the "Kodeks" and "Techexpert" information and software products. The Consortium was created to unite and consolidate the companies’ potential and the efforts of their specialists aimed at achieving common goals.
"Kodeks" approved itself to be a reliable partner of the legislative and executive authorities of Saint Petersburg in the whole range of activities: from maintaining the state legislation base to information support of all subordinate institutions. The developments elaborated by "Kodeks" have received the highest appreciation from the heads of the Government of Saint Petersburg, Valentina Matvienko and Georgiy Poltavchenko, which is confirmed by numerous diplomas and letters of gratitude.
For today, the Consortium includes the Group of Companies "Kodeks" with the total staff of more than 700 qualified specialists, as well as the distribution partner network of 250 enterprises in 135 cities of Russia, engaging more than 5,000 employees. Over 200 different information products are produced under the "Kodeks" and "Techexpert" brands and utilized by more than 25,000 companies and organizations, including all the major enterprises of Russia.
The "Kodeks" Consortium is a partner of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia and other authoritative organizations, and also is a member of the NP RUSSOFT Software Developer Partnership. The Consortium actively cooperates with power authorities at the national and supranational levels, with major enterprises in all industries, with the leading developers of foreign standards, and also expands the international partnership.
The software services of "Kodeks" and "Techexpert" systems are based solely on the proprietary technologies. They are exclusively of Russian origin, which is important for state corporations and authorities in the context of import substitution. The "Kodeks" and "Techexpert" systems are officially registered in the Register of the Russian software maintained by the Ministry of Communications of Russia.
The company’s quality management system is certified for compliance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2015, as well as the national standard GOST ISO 9001-2015. The uniqueness and importance of the "Kodeks" and "Techexpert" systems and solutions are confirmed by numerous awards and certificates.

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