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A1QA Software Testing

Company Profile

Last Edited:May 21, 2012
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Company:A1QA Software Testing
Contact E-mail:info@a1qa.com
Headquarters:Minsk, Belarus
Number of Employees:180
Year of Foundation:1998
Contact Phone:Tel in US: 512-501-3622;
Fax:Tel in RU: (495) 229 1311
Mailing Address:5910 Courtyard Drive, Ste. 170, Austin, TX 78731
Visiting Address:1 Kulman st., 220013, Minsk, Belarus
Annual Revenues:more than $2 mln

Software Development Center(s)

Minsk, Belarus; 

About A1QA Software Testing

A1QA is a software quality assurance company located in Eastern Europe. We provide a wide range of offshore QA and software testing services, from independent consulting to complex testing.

A1QA offers flexible cooperation models beneficial both for software development companies and business owners software buyers. For Software Development Companies, cooperation with A1QA will result in cost reduction and access to a QA laboratory with a wide range of different technologies and environments. For Business Owners that outsource their projects to remote software development companies, the A1QA independent software testing and quality control will include tracking project progress and quality, which will result in transparent project development and high-quality product. A1QA will talk your native language (English, German, French, Russian, etc.) and professional-level language according to your business industry.

Software Development Services & Skills

Areas of Expertise:

  • Document Management Applications;
  • E-Business;
  • Enterprise Resource Management Applications;
  • Knowledge Management / Data Mining;
  • Software Internationalization and Localization;
  • Web Development and Content Management Tools;

Industry Domains:

  • Banking and Financial Services;
  • Education;
  • Government / Public Sector;
  • Media;
  • Software and Technology;
  • Telecom;


  • .NET;
  • J2ME;
  • Java;
  • Web Services;

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