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ETNA Software

Company Profile

Last Edited:Apr 22, 2011
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Company:ETNA Software, Full Member of RUSSOFT
Headquarters:St. Petersburg, Russia
Number of Employees:200
Year of Foundation:2002
Contact Phone:1-855-779-7171
Mailing Address:6-ya Liniya, 63, prokh.2
Visiting Address:6-ya Liniya, 63, prokh.2
Annual Revenues:N/A

Software Development Center(s)

Mogilev, Belarus;  St. Petersburg, Russia; 

About ETNA Software

ETNA Software is a software development outsourcing company providing a full spectrum of IT services from software design, development, implementation and testing to support and maintenance. Founded in 2002 ETNA Software is now an international company with two representative offices in the US and two development centers in Eastern Europe, Vietnam and China with a total headcount of over 200 employees.

  • Focus on sophisticated software development services
  • Long-term partnership with customers
  • Attractive pricing and guaranteed delivery
  • Effective human resource development and management
  • Technology focus on .NET and Java

Key Strengths
  • Sophisticated web development
  • Data-driven applications
  • Widest experience in Financial Services
  • Delivery model flexibility: projects, dedicated teams, time & materials

Software Development Services & Skills

Areas of Expertise:

  • Document Management Applications;
  • E-Business;
  • EAI / Middleware;
  • Enterprise Resource Management Applications;
  • Legacy Migration;
  • Serverware;
  • Software Maintenance and Support;
  • Web Development and Content Management Tools;

Industry Domains:

  • Automotive;
  • Banking and Financial Services;
  • Insurance;
  • Logistics / Warehouse Automation;
  • Software and Technology;
  • Telecom;

Programming Languages:

  • C#;
  • C++;
  • Java;
  • JavaScript;
  • SQL;
  • VB.NET;
  • XML/XSL;


  • Linux;
  • Microsoft Windows;
  • UNIX (Sun Solaris, HP-UX, IBM AIX);
  • Win CE/Pocket PC/Windows Mobile Edition;


  • IBM DB2;
  • MS SQL Server;
  • MySQL;
  • Oracle;


  • .NET;
  • J2EE;
  • Java;
  • SOAP;
  • Win32 API;

Application and Web Servers:

  • BEA WebLogic Server;
  • IBM Lotus Domino;
  • IBM WebSphere;
  • Jboss;
  • Microsoft IIS;
  • Resin;
  • TomCat;

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