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Last Edited:Jun 27, 2016
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Company:Expert-Systema, Full Member of RUSSOFT
Headquarters:St.Petersburg, Russia
Number of Employees:400
Year of Foundation:2002
Contact Phone:+7 812 438 16 26
Fax:+7 812 438 16 26
Mailing Address:Barochnaya str., 10/1
Visiting Address:Barochnaya str., 10/1
Annual Revenues:N/A

About Expert-Systema

Expert-Systema is a financial software technology firm established in 2002. We specialize in the development, design, implementation and maintenance of state-of-the-art software systems for online brokerage, exchange, and investment tracking, particularly for stocks, options and the Forex markets.

Expertise: Highly trained experts analyze the software application needs for each client, which we refer to as our Expert System. The software developed through this system has proven to be exceptionally reliable. Our software index of trouble-free operation is 99.99%, including peak load situations. So much so that Expert-Systema generally accepts financial responsibility for the reliability of our hardware and software.

Support: Support consists of a team of technical experts available around the clock, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Industry Recognition: Original software solutions created by Expert-Systema have received international recognition with more than 25 separate awards over the last decade, including the highest ratings in software review publications. Awards have been received from IBTimes, Barrons, Shares Magazine, and many others.

Leading Products: Expert-Systema product line includes software for all major types of financial markets. Individual solutions for financial markets are addressed by a proprietary line of products that meet the diverse needs of investors (supply of stocks data, electronic documents, information management and reporting, charting, and more).

  • DealBook 360 - FOREX international online trading, futures, options and stock online trading in real time

  • thinkorswim - designed primarily for individual investors trading in futures, options and shares, all performed online and in real time.

  • Thinkpipes - designed specifically for professional stock market participants. This is a cross-platform Java-based software application designed for institutional money managers, hedge fund managers, and active traders in stocks, futures, and options online trading.

Clients: Expert-Systema’s clients include brokers and financial companies, among which are RTS/MICEX exchange, Global Forex Trading,TD Ameritrade, KIT Finance, Baltic Financial Agency, and others.

Offices: The head office of Expert-Systema is located in St. Petersburg. Additional office is in Rostov-on-Don (Russia).

Software Development Services & Skills

Areas of Expertise:

  • Data Warehousing;
  • Document Management Applications;
  • E-Business;
  • Knowledge Management / Data Mining;
  • Legacy Migration;
  • Pervasive Computing / Mobile Technologies;
  • Serverware;
  • Software Maintenance and Support;
  • Web Development and Content Management Tools;

Industry Domains:

  • Banking and Financial Services;
  • Software and Technology;

Programming Languages:

  • C;
  • C++;
  • Java;
  • JavaScript;
  • PL/SQL;
  • SQL;
  • XML/XSL;


  • Linux;
  • Mac OS X;
  • Microsoft Windows;
  • UNIX (Sun Solaris, HP-UX, IBM AIX);


  • MS SQL Server;
  • MySQL;
  • Oracle;
  • SAP DB;


  • .NET;
  • J2EE;
  • J2ME;
  • Java;
  • Web Services;

Application and Web Servers:

  • Apache;
  • BEA WebLogic Server;
  • Commerce Server .NET;
  • IBM WebSphere;
  • Jboss;
  • Microsoft IIS;
  • Oracle;
  • TomCat;

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