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Company Profile

Last Edited:Feb 09, 2012
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Company:Lanit-Tercom, Full Member of RUSSOFT
Headquarters:Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Number of Employees:300
Year of Foundation:1991
Contact Phone:+7 (812) 428 41 94
Fax:+7 (812) 428 74 09
Mailing Address:28 Universitetsky pr., Peterhof, Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 198504
Visiting Address:28 Universitetsky pr., Peterhof, Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 198504
Annual Revenues:N/A

Software Development Center(s)

Saint-Petersburg, Russia; 

About Lanit-Tercom

Lanit-Tercom is the leading Russian software and hardware development company, one of the originators of the Russian IT-industry with about 20 years of successful operation on the IT-market.
Lanit-Tercom works with the customers from Russia, USA and the EU.
The company operates in historical closeness with St Petersburg State University, one of the biggest pools of highly-qualified engineers. Thus, the best Russian scientists that work with the most complex and scientific-intensive projects can be hired.
The core Lanit-Tercomís services are: development of software/hardware complexes, software/hardware optimization, re-engineering and ODC set-up.

Software Development Services & Skills

Areas of Expertise:

  • Legacy Migration;
  • Low-Level / System-Level Programming;
  • Software Maintenance and Support;
  • Web Development and Content Management Tools;

Industry Domains:

  • Aerospace & Defense;
  • Science and Research;
  • Software and Technology;
  • Telecom;

Programming Languages:

  • Assembler;
  • C++;
  • Cobol;
  • Java;
  • JavaScript;


  • IBM (OS/390, VSE, VM, OS/400, Z/OS);
  • Linux;
  • Microsoft Windows;


  • MS SQL Server;
  • MySQL;
  • Oracle;


  • .NET;
  • HTTP(s);
  • J2EE;
  • Java;
  • SOAP;

Application and Web Servers:

  • Commerce Server .NET;

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