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RUSSOFT Association presents the 4th Annual survey on Russian export market of software products, services and solutions.

RUSSOFT Association proudly announces its 4th Annual survey on Russian software export market. The research was done in January-March 2007 by RUSSOFT analytical department, professional call-center and CopmuterWorld Russia’s analyst Dmitry Zhelvitsky

Oct 22, 2007
The reliability of the results obtained from this survey is guaranteed by the continuity of annually polished analytical methodology and by use of RUSSOFT’s regularly updated database on companies working in the software development industry - 1200 altogether. This year the authors of the survey point out increasing quality of the returned questionnaires. The questionnaires were filled in by the senior managers possessing all the information needed to answer the questions. The amount of questionnaires returned from non-capital cities like Novosibirsk and others has also increased.

The survey includes short overview of analytical studies and ratings on position of Russia on the global software outsourcing market; shows the volume and structure of software export as well as major trends of the Russian software development market. The reader is given an opportunity to get acquainted with not only factual data but also with the views on the market condition from the main market players themselves. The authors of the survey touch upon such issues as government support of ICT industry; labor market dynamics; geography of software companies across the country and that of international clients; and the operating systems, technologies and programming languages mastered by Russian companies.

According to analytical data and foreign researches positions of Russian software development business on the global market have strengthened. The industry is advancing. The growth of export of the Russian software companies in 2006 was bigger than expected. It accounted for 54%, while the volume of export reached 1,5 billion USD.

In the opinion of the large foreign customers the main advantages of Russian software companies are as follows: low level of staff turnover, availability of qualified technical specialists, ability to follow the changing needs of customers. The existing Russian infrastructure and intellectual property rights protection do not cause concern for foreign customers any longer.

Russian market players name the growth of the Russian software development outsourcing market, the growth of export and the merges and acquisitions in the industry among the major trends of the market in 2006.

The survey is available for free download both in English (PDF) and Russian (PDF).

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