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For investors: what are the leaders in developing business management automation systems?

Investment news, Russia. These days in order to stay “afloat” and be market leaders, Russian enterprisers are obliged to raise their business fruitfulness. In this case, business management automation system can be a good solution.

Nov 12, 2011
What is business management automation system, and how can software interest investors?

Business management automation system is specialized software, the task of which is to reduce human labour, increase the pace and quality of business processes, and guarantee precise record and processing large volumes of data at a very high pace.

What are the criteria for choosing business management automation system?

As explained by Forex Academy and Masterforex-V Trading System, criteria for choosing business management automation system are divided into two types:
■ main, which are important in any case;
■ individual, which satisfy the client’s personal needs.

The following factors are to be considered when choosing business management automation system:
1. Functionality. In other words, system capabilities and benefits. Business management automation system is to correspond to the national legislation, taking into consideration industrial sphere and special features of a certain enterprise. It also has to be suitable for this specific enterprise;
2. Total cost. In other words, not only the cost of software, but also all provided services;
3. Reliability, service life, performance, and up-to-dateness;
4. Service. This concerns post-purchase service;
5. Perspective.

Directions and specialization of business management automation systems

According to target use, business management automation systems are divided into 3 groups:
Accounting & Finance Software – software for accounting and financial management;

Business Intelligence Software – software, which is designed to make effective business decisions by using corresponding analytical instruments, applications, and technologies for data collection, storage, and analysis;

Enterprise Resource Planning Software (ERP) – software, which enables information management inside the enterprise and communication with companies outside it.
Leaders in effective software for business management automation

At present, there are many companies that develop software for business management automation. Which one is reliable? This important procedure is not something to be exposed to risk. According to Forex Academy and Masterforex-V Trading System , it is better to address to large companies.

TP-Index is an important factor while making a choice. It shows the relation between the annual profit of the enterprise and average staff. TP-Index is one of the main criterion, which shows how effective the company’s management is. The main providers of business management automation are shown in the following table, prepared by Masterforex-V Academy:

■ market leader. As observed from the table, Microsoft Corporation has the highest TP-index among the countries that develop business management automation systems. It amounts to almost $786 thousand. Microsoft Dynamics provides a range of ERP and CRM systems, which access the existing information about an enterprise, adapt to its business processes, and help to make the right business decision. Microsoft Dynamics used to be known as Microsoft Business Solutions. Softline team, whose staff includes only certified IT specialists, works on these and other products. It has already supplied various organizations with over 400 products;

■ second place according to effective business management automation systems belongs to American company Intuit. Its ŇĐ-index amounts to about $449 thousand. The company’s main technological decision is called QuickBooks. This software has been initially designed for small business owners, who had no formal education in accounting. Intuit company has currently integrated several web-functions into QuickBooks, which includes the capabilities of remote access, remote assistance, outsourcing, electronic payments, online banking, function mapping due to integration with Google Maps, options marketing via Google, and improved electronic mail with the help of Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express;

■ third place. 1Ń company (Russia) has not fallen behind too much far beyond; its TP-Index amounts to $406 thousand. It is a very good position, as the company has exceeded such giants in IT sphere as SAP AG and Oracle Corporation (fourth and fifth places accordingly).

As explained by ICM Brokers, each company in the list (SAP AG (Germany), Oracle Corporation (USA),, inc. (USA), Software AG (Germany), Thomson Tax & Accounting (USA), DST Systems, Inc. (USA), SAS Institute Inc. (USA), MicroStrategy Incorporated (USA), Epicor Software Corporation (USA), and The Sage Group plc (Great Britain) supplies businesses with business management automation systems, which perform the following functions:
Better control;

Quicker business processes;

More possibilities to trace business processes;

Possibility to collect metrics about the quality of business processes.
Choosing a system supplier needs careful consideration. It can be easily done if one analyses the effectiveness of released products, their functionality, and perspective. TP-Index is the main criterion of the company’s effective management.