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U.S. NeoPhotonics Launches R&D and Sales In Russia

May 24, 2013
US-based NeoPhotonics Corporation, a developer and manufacturer of integrated photonic circuits and opto-electronic modules and systems for the broadband high-speed data transfer based on them, announced the opening of a R&D center and sales office in Moscow to serve the Russian and Eastern European markets.

"We are pleased that we can now get closer to our customers and technology partners in the region, where there is a high demand for telecommunication solutions. This is not only an opportunity to strengthen our sales in the region, but also to expand our research and manufacturing capabilities in solutions based on photonic integrated circuits," president and CEO Tim Jenks told Cnews.

In 2012 NeoPhotonics received a $39.8 million investment from RUSNANO, which tied the company to a $30m investment in the establishment of a subsidiary facility in Russia to engage in manufacturing, sales, and R&D of NeoPhotonics products.