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Ufa airport to adopt innovation IT-based check-in system

An IT-enabled unified check-in solution for airports developed by Asteros Labs is soon expected to improve passenger and luggage check-in in the Ufa International Airport in Bashkortostan, in the mid-Volga area

Feb 19, 2014
Set up in December 2010 to immediately join the Skolkovo state-sponsored innovation hub outside Moscow, Asteros Labs has developed what it defines as a "common check-in solution providing access to a variety of departure control systems" in use at airports across the planet.

The start-up’s Asteros Contact Avia system is primarily designed to streamline the check-in process, minimizing passenger line-ups and stepping up luggage check-ins.

In this unified check-in approach, possible changes in operation, whether it’s new staff or additional check-in data, entail no reconfiguration of a counter. Asteros Labs claims that with its solution, each airport check-in counter is used 10% more often and efficiently, thus unclogging check-in areas at peak load hours.

The Moscow start-up says it lends airports a hand in cost optimization as well. Tapping into the new technology is believed to save airport managements at least 60% of staff training costs. New agents won’t have to meticulously study a whole array of systems that different airlines currently employ—knowing one unified interface will do, Asteros Labs thinks.

The Asteros Contact Avia also comes as a mobile app for tablet PCs. With the solution, business-class passengers awaiting their flights in VIP lounges and having just carry-on luggage could check in without having to go to a counter at all.

Partnering with the young Russian company is part of the Ufa International Airport’s broader modernization program aimed at dramatically improving the quality of passenger service.