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Russia’s Comindware develops alternatives to SAP, Oracle and IBM business solutions

The company has been working on this in Skolkovo since 2011

Jan 20, 2017
Comindware, a Russian developer of project and business management solutions, has come up with a horizontal platform to build business apps called Comindware Business Application Platform.

The Russian developer is said to have plans to compete in this niche with the majors like SAP, Oracle and IBM.

Comindware is reported to have identified the weak spots in classical solutions from SAP or IBM—including a long development cycle, high development costs, low flexibility when it comes to making changes, etc.—to offer its own alternative that brings operators, data and communications into a single operation environment. The platform is said to enable traditional stock-taking and planning, BPMS, ACM processes and project management, as well as the development of highly customized business apps to support clients, manage orders, process applications and other documents, launch new products, and do other things which business requires.

Experts list a number of clear advantages the Comindware Business Application Platform is believed to have, including the speed of making business apps with an extended list of tools for IT customization and necessary modifications on the spot; support of hybrid operation management models with tasks, assignments, processes and projects integrated in one platform and with a fast and easy shift between the management models and the possibility to combine some or all of these.

Other competitive advantages reportedly include flexibility in data management and a user-friendly interface.

With the Comindware solutions, even business users who can’t program on their own are expected to be able to make their own customized settings for business processes and apps.

Comindware was set up in 2010 by Maksim Tsyplyaev, Vitaly Shpak and Petr Volynsky, three Russian serial entrepreneurs. By that time the three had gained solid experience working at such sizable companies as Acronis, NetCracker, and Kaspersky Lab.