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Russia’s new Blockchain passion displayed at St. Petersburg conference and Moscow hackathon

Illustrating the country’s new passion for the Blockchain technologies, two notable events took place last month in Russia

Jul 28, 2017
The first one, the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference, was held on June 22 in Saint Petersburg, attracting over 600 visitors and 25 exhibitors.

As reported by Bitcoin Magazine, "a mixed crowd of denim jeans and custom-tailored suits, typical for crypto-events, [was] standing across the vertical aisle of the main conference area, blocking the line of sight for those lucky enough to have snatched themselves a chair in the back. The hall, while spacious — high ceiling, tall arched windows partly covered with ASIC mining billboards — still isn’t quite large enough to fit all interested visitors."

Of the 20 speakers, four work for Russia’s largest financial institutions, according to the event organizer.

The Saint Petersburg was followed immediately by a blockchain-focused hackathon called BlockchainHack in Moscow, with 150 people in attendance competing for $100,000 worth of cryptocurrency. The event was jointly organized by BTC Media, Qtum, Zerion, Waves, the Token Fund and Blockchain School, with additional support from the community in Russia.

As reported by Bitcoin Magazine, the teams presented ambitious demos with winning topics including a mobile application to track and invest into ICOs; an arbitration service based on smart contracts and a reputation system; facial recognition software to determine what ICOs and blockchain projects a blockchain developer has been involved in and is currently active with; among others.

The winning team, Wafer, presented a demo and vision of creating a distributed Wi-Fi network using blockchain technology, Bitcoin Magazine wrote.