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State corporation Rostec launches cyber security export program

Thus, foreign customers will enjoy Russian cyber security excellence in such fields as social network monitoring, anti-virus technologies and encryption

Sep 07, 2017
Russian state holding Rostec has launched a program to export cyber security systems in 2017-2019. The program involves two Rostec entities, arms exporter Rosoboronexport and information security company Avtomatika.

"We have recorded an increased demand for various projects related to cyber security. This is a new niche in technical military cooperation which we are actively developing [with] some 10 projects currently," stated Rosoboronexport General Manager Alexander Mikheev.

"Our advantage in this field is that we can create systems on a turnkey basis in addition to supplying hardware and software," he added.

Last year RT-Business Development, another Rostec entity, launched a new company dedicated to the advancement of Russian digital products on the international market.