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Russian and international funds team up to support “the ultimate personalization engine for banks”

Last week DataSine, a Russian-co-founded startup based in London, announced that it secured ˆ1 million for its business expansion

Nov 07, 2017
The pool of investors included Sistema VC, the venture arm of the Russian conglomerate Sistema, Force Over Mass, a London-based venture fund, and C.Entrepreneurs, a joint venture of Cathay Innovation and BNP Paribas Cardif.

DataSine’s proprietary technology analyzes transactional and biographical data to determine a customer’s personality, needs, behaviors, and life situation. "This enables companies to offer products and services that are directly relevant to their customers and explain them in a way that resonates with each individual," claims the startup.

"DataSine applies machine learning and psychological techniques to bring personalization of communication with customers to an absolutely new level. We believe DataSine’s technology can be a game changer for the banking, telecom and retail industries," commented Dmitry Filatov, VP of Technology at Sistema VC.

"We are bridging the gap between machine learning, psychology and finance. Put simply, [DataSine] is the ultimate personalisation engine for banks," said Igor Volzhanin, DataSine’s CEO and co-founder.

Founded in 2015, DataSine participated in the TechStars London accelerator programme in 2016. The company cooperates with financial institutions from the UK, France, Belgium and Portugal.