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Russia to pay hackers to test its cyber security

The government is ready to spend $14 million by 2020 to find weak spots online

Jan 17, 2018
Updating cyber security is essential these days as hackers are constantly finding new ways to get past software protecting global companies – and the state. Russian officials have decided to up the ante and test online security by paying hackers to do what they do best – hack.

Here’s the plan: Russia will invite "researchers" to look for vulnerabilities in its IT systems. They will test both state and commercial software. In 25 percent of cases the tests will reportedly be done without developers knowing. That seems logical: Real hackers wouldn’t ask for an invitation.

According to official information, the government will spend around $14 million on the cyber security measures by 2020. Both lone hackers and companies will be set the task of hacking systems, though only companies will be called upon when potentially sensitive information is at stake.