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MERA to Discuss Evolution of WebRTC Market at ITEXPO 2018

One of MERA’s WebRTC experts was invited to deliver on state-of-the-art WebRTC services and applications at ITEXPO 2018, held on February 13-16 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Source: MERA
Feb 13, 2018
Over the past few years, WebRTC became a mainstream technology used by many services and applications coming from different industries, domains, and usage scenarios. MERA has been supportive of the WebRTC evolution since the early days of the standard, growing its knowledge and practical experience as the technology itself evolved and changed.

Vladimir Beloborodov, Senior Solutions Manager at MERA’s North American office and a long-term WebRTC enthusiast and evangelist, was invited to join the ITEXPO 2018 conference, also referred to as the communications and business transformation event of the year. During the session called "IP Based Communications - WebRTC and the Internet", Vladimir will share his vision about today's WebRTC market, business opportunities and examples of novel use cases.

"To offer new possibilities and capabilities to our customers, MERA experts do their best to keep pace with the rapidly changing technological landscape of Unified Communications," notes Vladimir Beloborodov. "We participate in major public events with the equal passion in an attempt to share the most up-to-date practical knowledge and vision with the professional community." MERA welcomes all the participants of ITEXPO 2018 interested in exploring the mentioned topics to visit Vladimir’s session on Thursday, February 15, at 2 PM EST.

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