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Smart wristband to gauge your body

A Russian start-up called AURA Devices is developing smart wristbands to gauge the wearer’s weight and other parameters

May 05, 2018
At the heart of the AURA Band technology is bio-impedance analysis that enables the gathering of data on any change in the composition of the wearer’s body.

The AURA Band bracelet-like gadget is said to be able to measure body composition, water level and heartbeat as the user walks, and also to identify the wearer’s physiological rhythms (run or sleep, for example). All this can be sent out via the start-up’s proprietary mobile app.

Set up in 2016, AURA Devices is registered in the United States and has rep offices in the UK and Russia.

Last year it raised $105+K as a convertible loan at a seed investment stage from a group of unspecified Russian investors. Each of the investors now owns about 10% of the start-up. The new investment is reportedly being used to fine-tune a prototype to an industrial-quality level and to make first inroads into a number of markets.