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Government-run bank and fund support advanced robotics

Sberbank, Russiaís largest government-controlled savings bank, this past spring teamed up with the state-owned Internet Initiatives Development Fund (FRII) in a new acceleration program for intelligent robotics projects

Jun 17, 2018
The program will focus on start-ups that develop personal robotic assistants, robots for logistics, collaborative industrial robotic arms (cobots), transportation drones for both aerial and ground uses, and industrial exoskeletons.

Start-up teams from across Russia will be given three months to debug and fine-tune their prototype solutions in a special Sberbank laboratory. During this time, the developers will be expected to put together a commercialization strategy, come up with promotional and marketing solutions to bring customers on board, identify the most lucrative market segments, and produce their minimum viable product (MVP). If Sberbank departments find it interesting to test-run a teamís product, the start-up will be able to launch its pilot project within the bank.

FRII will contribute to the acceleration program with consulting, coaching, marketing and legal assistance. The fund is also expected to assign to start-ups their individual overseers and give the teams access to the best market experts.