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Russian crowdfunding platform goes crypto

Co-founded in 2012 by Maria Dokshina, Evgeny Gavrilin and Ruslan Tugushev, Russian crowdfunding platform Boomstarter is delving into the cryptosphere

Jul 24, 2018
The company has just announced that it "raised $1 million in early financing as venture funds and private companies join its ongoing token sale."

While still operating its classic crowdfunding site,, the company now aims to launch "the first global cryptofunding platform" under the Boomstarter.Network brand. This new platform defines its mission as to "unchain the world whilst making money," mixing smart contracts and blockchain to ensure greater transparency between startups and backers.

Users of the platform who do not wish to spend their own money will have the opportunity to "safely mine cryptocurrencies and use them as a means of payment to pre-order products from startups on the platform."

Among the contributors to Boomstarter’s token sale include DTI, a hedge fund providing professional investment services and asset management with a special focus on high-tech market. Earlier this year, the fund took part in Dropbox’s IPO and Telegram’s ICO, according to DTI Managing Partner Alex Butmanov.

"There is a very strong chance that Boomstarter.Network can expand globally, building on company’s years of experience in this market. Our research shows that a large part of those involved in crowdfunding do not wish to be hampered by excessive regulations any more. Crowdfunding without borders will be a very efficient tool for testing demand for future products," stated Butmanov.