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Dmitry Dyrmovskiy

Dmitry Dyrmovskiy
CEO, Speech Technology Center (STC)

Dmitry Dyrmovskiy graduated from the Specialized Educational Scientific Centre (SESC) at Novosibirsk State University (NSU) in 1996 and from the Zhukovsky Air force engineering Academy (VVIA) in 2001 and had been working in The Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation as a scientific engineer until 2004.

In 2004 he started working in a Russian company engaged in development of speech technology and multimodal biometrics called Speech Technology Center (STC) as a project leader. In 2007 he became Head of the Moscow branch. Since 2012 Mr.Dyrmovskiy is a member of the STCs’ Board of Directors and in 2014 he was named General Director of the company.

In 2014 he successfully completed Executive course at IMD Business School (Switzerland).

In addition to leading STC Dmitry Dyrmovskiy is also Vice President of the National Association of contact centers and Advisor to the President of the Russian football Premier-League (RFPL).

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