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Alexander Egorov

Alexander Egorov
CEO, Reksoft

Alexander Egorov co-founded one of the TOP 5 largest IT outsourcing companies in Russia, Reksoft, in 1991 and has served as CEO from its inception.

Along with his duties at Reksoft, Mr. Egorov has joined boards of directors for a number of successful joint ventures in the field of information technologies such as (the largest Russian online-bookstore) and Assist (Russia's leading e-commerce transaction processing gateway) to name a few.

He entered twice the "IT Elite TOP 100" rating prepared by the largest nation-wide business newspaper in Russia "Kommersant".

Mr. Egorov served as a Chairman of the Board of Russian software development association "Russoft" in 2003 and was elected to the Board twice since that.

Mr. Egorov holds a M.Sc. in computer science from the St. Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation and MBA degree from the Stockholm School of Economics MBA program.

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