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Nick Puntikov

Nick Puntikov
President, FirstLine Software Group

Mr. Puntikov took his M.Sc. degree at the St. Petersburg (Leningrad) State University in 1983. Since then he has served as a technical expert in software engineering, led scientific research, and held a succession of managerial positions with ever greater responsibilities. Prior to starting his own business, Mr. Puntikov worked for the Institute of Linguistics of the Russian Academy of Sciences where he was a top researcher in the field of computational linguistics and natural language processing.

Coinciding with Russia’s dramatic move toward privatization in 1991, Nikolai Puntikov founded StarSoft, one of Russia’s first private software engineering firms. During the next 15 years as CEO of StarSoft, he developed the company into a premier software services provider catering to clients in Europe and North America.

In 2007, StarSoft merged with Exigen Services to become a leading force in the IT application outsourcing space in Central and Eastern Europe. Nikolai worked for Exigen Services as President Delivery until July 2010. In his position at Exigen Services he was responsible for business development, managing customer relationships, and 2000-staff operations in 10 R&D centers located in 6 countries in Eastern Europe, Baltics and China.

Since 1991, Nikolai has become an active member of a variety of international professional associations, including ACM and IEEE. In 1996-2000 Nikolai was a Head of the St. Petersburg UNL Laboratory, part of an international foundation under the aegis of the United Nations. Since 2003, Puntikov has been continuously elected to the Board of the Russian National Association of Software Developers (RUSSOFT), and in 2007-2008 and again in June 2010, the Board has elected Nikolai to serve as its Chairman. Since 2008 Nikolai is a member of the Program Committee and currently the Chairman of CEE-SECR, the largest professional software engineering conference in Russia.

An internationally recognized expert in his field, Puntikov has spoken at many conferences in North America, Europe and Russia, and is referenced frequently in the press. In 2001, he conceived and sponsored, a non-profit informational portal geared to educating prospective corporate consumers worldwide about the unique advantages of working in Russia today, and featuring the spectrum of capable IT vendors in place across the Russian Federation.

In 2010 Nikolai joined the team of founders of the Russian chapter of the MIT Enterprise Forum, a global non-profit volunteer-based platform for entrepreneurial networking, inspiration and education. Currently Nick is the President of the FirstLine Software Group.

Puntikov resides in St. Petersburg, Russia and holds a Doctorate degree from the Institute of Informatics of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

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