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Sergey Yurkin

Sergey Yurkin
CEO, Simbirsoft

Sergey Yurkin founded the Simbirsoft company in 2001 and has been its CEO since. The company has worked with people from all around the world since its very first days.

Sergey gave a grounding in the company operation, its philosophy and basic principles: reliability, loyalty and constant development. In 2012 he initiated significant alterations of the company, thanks to which a new team of managers was put together. This new team jump-started development of Simbirsoft.

He attended Kazan ElectroTechnical College. Later he graduated from Ulyanovsk State Technical University, Radio Engineering Faculty. After that he graduated MBA program by Link. He is now studying at the Open University, UK.

He is the IT-obudsman of the Ulyanovsk region and a founder of “Fund for IT Development” in Ulyanovsk.

He is a member of Rotary Club (Ulyanovsk).

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