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Project Title: Mobile Insurance Agent

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Client (Country):1-st Insurance Company (Russia)
Duration, months:3
Total Effort, person/months:6
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The Challenge

Performance of a company, operating in the field of insurance, to a large extent depends upon how well professionally the interaction with clients has been built, in fact, this being one of those uncommon businesses, which would not exist at all without their trust.

As is well known, an insurance brokerís job is related to elaboration of quite a number of documents out of the bounds of the individual working place, making it impossible for the broker to refer to relevant information such as various desk books and forms, which decelerates and hinders his activities.

There used to be situations, when insurance event would occur before an insurance brokerís surrendered documents to the office, while a client would spend much time in an effort to authenticate documents he attained as they had not been entered into the insurance companyí s database.

It was decided to computerize activity of insurance broker, working outside the office, and to provide him with a facility, allowing for rapid and efficient execution of insurance documents on the clientís side, as well as to make the process more dynamic and verified by means of minimizing of human error, that is, to assign carrying out of all operations, related to contracts and computation of ratios to "artificial intelligence".

The Solution

It was decided to make the activity of a visiting insurance broker fully computerized and to integrate the broker and the office into a single information space.

MOBILE AGENT is a system, unparalleled in Europe, which application tangibly increases quality of the entire insurance process. Owing to implementation of the new system, now, the actions chain appears to be as follows: clientís initiative is supported by immediate visit of a broker, who provides on-site execution and printout of all relevant documents in respect of insurance in question. In other words, upon receipt of an order, the overall insurance business process is initiated immediately.

The system consists of two components: "Agentís Intelligent Workplace" (AIWP), which is installed into a pocket digital assistant (PDA) of each insurance broker, and a system installed in the insurance companyís offices. The agentís PDA allows for rapid selection of insurance products (OSAGO, auto KASCO, and others š.ū.), rapid output of data for the purpose of contract execution, as well as for printing out of all relevant documents, including two dimension bar-code together with documentís coded parameters by application of portable printerís Bluetooth technology. In the Central Office, with the aid of purchased software it is possible to authenticate documents by means of bar code scanning. The office system solves problems related to data reception from agents, by means of authentication of documents, monitoring and control over agentsí activities, as well as by management of rights of insurance agents. The system is protected by encryption, for which each agent holds a generated personal key, representing an agentís personal digital signature, used for coding of all data, thus protecting the system against extraneous intrusion, decoding or data alteration between the systemís components. In view of specialty of the insurance company, one of the requirements was data communication from agent to the central office through exchange of data on memory cards. However, more convenient and rapid data communication option is possible, i.e. through Mobile Internet (GPRS, EDGE, Wifi), where data are passed to the office immediately upon completing of contract, and an agent is not required to visit the central office.

The system allows for insurance operations in respect of movable and immovable property, car loans, civil liability of car owner, health insurance and other types of insurance products, for each of them the system contains patterns of standard forms Ė applications, receipts, statements and others.

Microsoft application software is utilized as development tools.
This system was implemented in "The 1st Insurance Company", which has substantially enhanced quality of insurance process.

Tools and Technologies

BlueTooth, MS Pocket Windows 2003 SE, Windows Mobile 5.0, MS Visual Studio 2005, .Net Compact Framework 2.0, Microsoft SQL server 2005 CE

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