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Project Title: Distance Learning System

Company:E-Style Software View Company Profile
Client (Country):Cyril and Methodius Open University (Russia)
Duration, months:14
Total Effort, person/months:132
Total Views:7325

The Challenge

Educational, corporate and government institutions are increasingly looking to reduce training costs while maintaining high educational standards and providing the most up-to-date information for students. Distance learning via the Internet is fast becoming a viable (and often preferred) training and education alternative for many organizations, students, and employees around the world.

The Solution

E-Style Software's Distance Learning System (DLS) is a web-based platform that allows corporations, governmental agencies, and educational institutions to meet their training, knowledge management and content management needs in one flexible end-to-end solution. Developed with the assistance of leading educators, instructional designers and psychologists, the system is already being used in major international universities and educational websites. It is also ideal for corporations as a way to provide cost-effective training to employees right at their desktops.

DLS is a highly scalable Java-based platform for creating online courses with rich multimedia content, and delivering them to students through the Web. DLS has advanced personalization and interactivity features, making it easy for educators to customize the application for different learning styles and paces.

  • Provides a richer, more interactive learning environment
  • Lowers costs while maintaining high educational quality - users can train right at their desktops
  • Decreases training time and increases productivity and business results - closing critical knowledge gaps is quicker and easier
  • Facilitates knowledge sharing and community building among employees and management or students and teachers
  • Allows educators to combine different learning styles and easily manage the learning process with task creators, tests/quizzes, and progress reports
  • Quick and easy creation and integration of rich multimedia - streaming video/audio, videoconferencing, ready-made rich media libraries
  • "Local media" feature allows low-bandwidth users to store multimedia objects on a local device (hard drive, CD-ROM) for faster access
  • Built-in multilingual support (including Arabic and Asian languages)
  • Complete communications suite - email, chat, instant messaging
  • Completely customizable and scalable for different organizational needs

Tools and Technologies

Oracle/SQL2000/Interbase, J2EE, WebLogic/JRun, JBoss+Tomcat

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