BellSoft was founded in 2017 by the folks from the Oracle Development Center in St. Petersburg.  BellSoft is actively involved in the development of the Java platform and is one of the Top 5 OpenJDK contributors along with Oracle, RedHat, SAP and Google. The company produces and supports the Liberica JDK, a Java distribution based on OpenJDK for an extended range of platforms, including containerized builds with Alpine Linux. BellSoft is licensed under the TCK, so all builds of the Liberica JDK are guaranteed to comply with the Java SE standard. Liberica JDK is the only Java distribution included in the Unified Register of Russian programs for electronic computers and databases.

The company’s activity is also connected with the development and support of other complex open source products, such as OpenJDK, gcc and LLVM compilers and Hadoop big data platform. 


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