RHSoft software development company founded in 2004, has offices in Moscow and Kursk (Russia).

We help product based IT companies and startups to accelerate product development and speed up time to market of product features.

We help enterprise customers to automate innovative or unconventional business processes and integrate IT systems.

Tech stack: .NET and Java for backend, React for web applications, WPF for desktop applications. You can find tech stack details and projects list on the slides attached.

Some projects:
– CustIS. The Modeus platform is intended to implement complex digital transformation of higher education institutions. RHSoft team developed one of the subsystems of the platform.
– MindBox. The company automates marketing communications in retail, e-commerce, FMCG, and other companies with a large number of clients since 2006. RHSoft team accelerates the MindBox IT platform development.
– TractSoft. The company develops its IT products in the field of television and radio broadcasting. RHSoft team developed a system to manage user’s requests for audio and video processing.
– Raiffeisenbank. Automation of cash services for clients in all offices in Russia.
– Renaissance Credit Bank. Automation of processing loan applications and customer requests.

A typical cooperation format for long-term projects is a dedicated development team. Experienced Team Lead is a single entry point for all technical issues for the customer. It is crucial for us that our customer gets an effective team that understands the task definition at a high level and proactively details it, responsibly delivers the result. Key employees of the customer do not waste time to micromanage the team, explain the same things, and accept tasks for several times.



Yury Stelmakh

Business Development Director

+7 (499) 653-5465 ex. 25