RTSoft Software Engineering Center is a dedicated team of developers specializing in system software for the most common general-purpose and real-time operating systems.

RTSoft Software Engineering Center employs over 80 highly skilled systems software engineers, with offices in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Penza.

Our team stands out from the crowd for its profound expertise in modern operating systems and microprocessor architectures and experience developing system software for them, along with the ability to create solutions that make maximum use of the capabilities of modern hardware platforms.

We develop a broad range of software – from drivers to core systems that support major integrated (including cloud-based) solutions. RTSoft Software Engineering Center develops software for sophisticated and critical process control systems and dedicated telecommunications platforms, and provides solutions which are instrumental in reliability, redundancy, and security of process systems.

Competencies of RTSoft Software Engineering Center

The system software development expertise and tools of the RTSoft Software Engineering Center team enable us to create optimized software at three levels depending on the customer’s technology strategy:

  • Hardware-centric system software

We develop drivers and complete board support packages (BSP) that support all external and intra-board interfaces, including the required optimizations (boot time, code volume) for operating systems:

  • General-purpose OS: Linux (all popular versions), Android, Windows (Windows Embedded Compact and Windows Embedded Standard).
  • Real-time OS: VxWorks, LynxOS, QNX.
  • Operating systems by Russian vendors: MC ВС, Astra Linux;

For microprocessor architectures: x86, ARM, PPC, MIPS, SPARC.

And software integration at the level of system architectures, such as: CompactPCI, CompactPCISerial, ATCA, MicroTCA, VME, VPX, COMExpress, SMARC.

  • System middleware

We offer virtualization, development of special-purpose protocol stacks and libraries for remote access to hardware, and support of middleware for cloud technologies.

  • Front-end system software

Our customers receive ready-to-use platforms for developing end-user applications. They include tools at the level of SCADA systems (development kits for monitoring and control systems), integrated development environments, debuggers, and optimized compilers.

Work philosophy and guarantee of top quality

Our process cycle of software development draws on best international practices of software project management based on the CMMI (2&3) model.  We ensure the high quality of development, and all of our software undergoes mandatory independent testing prior to delivery. 

RTSoft Software Engineering Center has all the engineering and test equipment required for system development. The company has a testing facility where finished products can be tested together with the customer.


  • consulting
  • development
  • implementation
  • testing
  • technical support

Embedded, Hardware-centric skills SW

  • Linux
  • LynxOS
  • VxWorks
  • QNX
  • WES 7, WE8S (Windows Embedded Standard)
  • WEC 7, WEC 2013 (Windows Embedded Compact)
  • Hypervisors
  • Android, IOS

Device drivers

  • Ethernet: PCI, PCI-E, PCI-X, Serial (incl. high speed), I2C, I2S, SMBus, SPI, WDT
  • Storages NAND/NOR flash, PCMCIA CompactFlash, PATA/SATA/SCSI, SD/MMC
  • Multimedia LCD, touchscreen, keypad, Audio, camera devices, USB 2.0/3.0 – host, device, OTG, network, serial, mass storage, audio, keyboard/mouse


  • x86
  • ARM
  • PPC
  • MIPS


  • CompactPCI /Compact PCI Serial
  • VME, VPX

SDC Application development skills      

  • C, C++, C#, .NET, ASP.NET
  • Java, Eclips, HTML5 & JavaScript, Python
  • WPF, Windows forms
  • MS SQL, SQLite, Oracle
  • GUI Design
  • Windows Installer, Dev Express


Victor Sinenko

Director - Business Development

+7 495 967-15-05