Sentinel LDK – software protection, licensing and distribution

The Sentinel LDK platform solves problems:

  • Protection of off-the-shelf software (.exe, .dll, .so, .jar, .apk, .py);
  • Flexible software protection with Sentinel LDK API;
  • Licensing and protection of individual modules and functions of the software;
  • Protection and licensing of 1C configurations;
  • Software protection for software sales and activation over the Internet.
  • License accounting and management, sales automation

Sentinel LDK is the number one software protection solution in the world providing hardware (Sentinel HL USB keys), software (Sentinel SL), and cloud software protection. Over 52% of developers worldwide choose Sentinel LDK software protection because of its ease of deployment and reliability.

Sentinel LDK is a modern platform for software monetization. Sentinel LDK offers software developers powerful licensing and promotional opportunities for commercial software along with simple and effective methods to protect software from copying and illegal distribution using electronic security keys, both hardware USB keys and software and cloud licenses.

With Sentinel LDK you can protect against piracy in a few clicks, reduce logistics costs, and manage the entire software sales cycle. Sentinel LDK is the first and only licensing solution that gives software developers the flexibility and robustness they need, whether your software is delivered via the cloud or installed on your own hardware.

Software protection

Software protection with Sentinel HL hardware keys (HASP HL) or Sentinel SL software keys (HASP SL) is very simple to build:

  • Protection of .Net programs (exe/dll), including .Net Core
  • Java program protection.
  • Protection for Python programs.
  • Protection for Windows (32/64-bit), Linux and Mac OS programs.
  • Protection for ARM and Intel architectures.
  • AppOnChip – code execution inside the protection hardware key.
  • Protection for Android applications.
  • Supports White Box cryptography. Sentinel Envelope: protection is set automatically in just three clicks.

The Sentinel LDK API functions for manually building software protection are intuitive and clearly structured. This ensures that developers don’t waste time on a detailed study of the interface implementation and get down to building software protection right away.

  • There are a total of 13 API-functions which allow building a flexible protection program.
  • Handy source code generator for software protection.
  • Libraries for all popular programming languages.

Sentinel EMS is a license management system which allows developers to manage their software sales.

  • Creation and remote upgrade of licenses and demo versions.
  • Automatic delivery of licenses and license updates.
  • Online and offline activation of protected software.
  • User registration on an activation portal.
  • Distributor sales control.

Admin Control Center – an end-user license management tool (a optional component).

  • License monitoring.
  • License Usage Management.
  • Licenses Usage Auditing.

Thales offers developers free training seminars that cover the details of the software protection. The company’s technicians provide expertise and services in embedding software protection.

Thales offers free lifetime technical support to developers and end users who use Sentinel keys (HASP) to protect their software.


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