Russian software industry development concept

Project start: 2018

The goal of the project

Adopt the Russian software industry development concept at the State level.

Basic framework

Establishment of the fully empowered single distinguished regulator (agency)

Establishment of the well-designed interaction between government and companies, providing succession and painless change of managers of the development institutions

Formation of the objective statistics in the high-tech sector in general and in the software sector in particular

Encouragement of the regional government at the state level to support high-tech economy sector

Formation of the well-designed and self-consistent and realistic concept of IT export encouragement

Establishment the business environment similar to the competitive countries or even better

Enlargement of the number of professionals not just in critical IT-areas but those in demand for economy and society (those who will be in demand at the job-market in Russia)

Complex IT-sector finance support by the government budget

Establishment and support of the positive image of Russia worldwide. The organization of the special commentary on IT in media