Project start: 2015
Project finish: 2035

SafeNet is the project of the National Technology Initiative meant to consolidate efforts of Russian high-tech companies to get the share of 3-5% of the global SafeNet market by 2035 in the particular sectors:

  • monitors, CCTV cameras with the lowest programming features etc.,
  • biometric system of control and authentication,
  • secured systems of data transfer, including neuroelectronic interface quantum systems,
  • advanced mobile systems of 5G, 6G,
  • secure hardware for telecommunications and computing systems,
  • the secure OS for the workstations, phones, PC and etc.,
  • secure cloud systems – SaaS and other services,
  • defences against inside and external threats for applications, code and data (web-attacks, DDoS, network attacks, Internet fraud and etc.),
  • secure infrastructural environment, risk-tolerant decision-making systems (IIoT, implementation of cyber-physical devices into the transportation system).

The project objectives

  • production of commercially successful and highly demanded products,
  • promotion of the big integration projects in the leading regional markets,
  • building the network of engineering centres in Russia (Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, Novosibirsk).