Outsourcing of IT infrastructure support

Project start: 1 June 2016
Project finish: (Русский) 2035 год
Description of the project.
The Global CIO and Skolkovo Innovation Center host an annual conference “On a Step Ahead” on June 20, which this time is devoted to innovations in the field of biometrics, data management, artificial intelligence and virtualization.
The purpose of the conference is to enable IT managers of Russian companies to take a fresh look at the changes that will take place in the field of technology in the very near future. Participants will share their experience, talk about the practical impact and the difficulties that can arise in the process of implementing new solutions. The conference is built on practical experience and implemented cases in the field of the most advanced technologies.
About 100 IT managers of Russian companies who are interested in innovations, suppliers of new solutions and residents of Skolkovo with their fundamentally new approach to solving new problems participate in the conference “One Step Ahead”. Detailed information about the event and the program on the link.
The basis of the survey is made by the members of RUSSOFT, which represent almost all cities that are large and medium-sized software development centers in Russia, as well as a number of leading companies in Ukraine and the Republic of Belarus.
This is the most active part of the IT community, which is at the forefront of global competition in the field of high technology. As a result of the survey, we get a quite adequate assessment of the state of affairs in Russia against the backdrop of the global market situation, we can compare the conditions of doing business in our country and abroad, highlight key problems in the development of the industry and offer solutions that correspond to the best world practices.
Over the past year, there has been no critical change in the global economy, which allowed the Russian software development industry to increase its export growth rate to 22% and achieve an already significant export volume of $ 4 billion. The strengths of the industry remain its competence and experience in the field of high technology, the ability to find non-standard solutions. It is encouraging to see that competence in the field of doing business is increasingly added to these technical competencies, which is reflected in the consistent strengthening of the positions of industry representatives in international ratings.
Russia remains a country with a huge human potential in the field of information technology. The current consequences of the difficult demographic situation in the country in the 1990-2000s create additional problems of finding qualified personnel for the growing industry and increasing costs. Nevertheless, the survey says positive expectations of market participants, which predict a continued growth of 20% -25% in the next two years.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank our long-time research partner Dmitry Zhelvitsky from the Open Systems publishing house, Confirmit, Toy Opynion and Fort M, who participated in the survey, as well as professors of the St. Petersburg State University Andrei Terekhov , who participated in the editing of the report.