Smart Saint-Petersburg

Project start: April, 2017

2017, July, 26: Valentin Makarov, RUSSOFT President, entered the ‘Smart Saint-Petersburg’ project office and began chairing the working group on methodical ware.

The purpose of the working group

Consolidation of the business opinion for assessment of the need to include the projects in ‘Smart Saint-Petersburg’ priority program.

Key activities of the working group

  • Organization of the public discussions of the priority areas within ‘Smart Saint-Petersburg’ and forward-looking initiatives according to the detected and ranked problems;
  • Organization of the development and selection of the suggestions on ‘Smart Saint-Petersburg’ projects and technologies structure, according to the evaluation and selection methodology. Also primary expert evaluation of the candidate projects;
  • Regulatory and procedural guidelines of ‘Smart Saint-Petersburg’ projects and technologies.

Project office is approved by the Governor of Saint-Petersburg as a working group preparing the priority program ‘Smart Saint-Petersburg’, designed to achieve the objectives of the Strategy of Economic and Social Development of Saint-Petersburg until 2030, in terms of implementation of the information and digital technologies. The Program Manager is Vladimir Vasiliev, ITMO University Rector.