(English) Robot maker Promobot raises $2.7 million to develop artificial skin in Russian Far East

18 апреля 2020


Promobot, a successful Russian robotics startup, has secured 200 million rubles (approximately $2.7 million) from the Far-East High Technology Fund as it intends to open a branch in this far-flung Russian region.

This local branch will develop sophisticated artificial skin and hair to enhance the look of these robots.  The fresh funding will also help Promobot develop AI-powered dialog systems.

Founded in 2015, Promobot claims to sell its robots in 38 countries across the world, including the United States. These engines work as promotersmuseum guidesconciergesbank consultants and administrators. They can be programmed to speak multiple languages and recognize people with whom they previously interacted.

The company also claims it has developed a technology to have robot imitate subtly a person’s facial expressions while speaking.

“This is yet another step towards getting robots and AI-powered devices in general closer to human beings,” says Promobot advisor Andrey Zotov.

Recently, as COVID-19 hit Russia, the startup launched a disinfection robot and a thermocontrol device.

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