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The HR Shared Services and HRO Outsourcing 2005 Conference

Barcelona, Spain, Mar 10, 2005 – Mar 11, 2005


The human resource outsourcing market is allowing companies to lower costs and improve efficiency and services, thus allowing them to focus more on strategic planning and core competencies. All across the board executives are being pressured to improve the bottom line for their organisations and build the right strategy for their respective groups.

Many questions face today's HR professional. What is the best way to improve your bottom line with so many options available? The Shared Services and HR Outsourcing conference will give you the opportunity to find those answers. Whether you streamline or standardize your processes through Shared Service Centres or explore the possibilities of Outsourcing more key functions, this leading conference will put you in contact with vital people that will help you make the right decisions for your organisation.

Making the right decision and addressing risk factors is vital. The HR Shared Services and HRO event is the only conference which will tackle those issues head on. You will have the opportunity to benchmark against best practice with leading European groups, as well as to listen to some of the most current and dynamic speakers and experts in the industry.

This invitation only event will provide the ultimate platform to hear real-life practical perspectives through a series of specifically tailored conference presentations, workshops with peers and hold face-to-face meetings with the leading solution providers and consultants.

Hear real case studies and keynote presentations from those organisations that have made successful decisions to outsource one or multiple functions. This will give you valuable insight and allow you to lead the process and strategically align your HR activities with your overall organisations business goals. Do not get caught out without an HRO strategy.