RUSSOFT has established partnerships with the number of software industry leaders. We’re proud to be partners with the organizations named below and we’re grateful for their help and support in all its kinds!

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If your organization provides services for Russian IT-companies (consulting, marketing, organization and event-support, etc.) we would be happy to establish a mutually beneficial relationship. Find out more.

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Auriga was founded in 1990 and remains one of the oldest Russian IT companies. Working in the area of developing software and exporting IT-services, the company offers high-tech software solutions for different sectors of the global market. Auriga provides its clients with a wide range of services including the whole cycle of embedded and low-level software development, development and service of the corporate applications, technical software support, controlling and testing.
Andersen – is a group of software developing companies with the main office located in Minsk (Belorussia), founded in 2007. When in 2014 ‘Andersen Systems’ was founded, the group of companies entered the Russian market and now has a workforce of their own in Saint-Petersburg and Penza offices.
Reksoft is a leading software engineering services provider, that has a wealth of experience of supplying software development services, products and solutions in telecommunications and mobile communications, banks and finances, IT, media, hotels and tourism businesses. Since 1991 Reksoft has developed and delivered over a thousand high-end software solutions. Among Reksoft clients there’re major Russian and international companies.
Artezio is a custom software development company that provides IT services to different companies including telecom, high-tech, health-care, financial companies and banks. Since it was founded in 2000 the company has completed more than 350 projects for clients from Russia, Western Europe, Japan, USA, Israel and Canada.
BestDoctor is an ecosystem of medical services developed by experts to take care of the health of people and companies. It provides multi-service VHI, the convenience of which has already been appreciated by VK, Megafon, Miro, MTS Bank, Aliexpress, RBC and others. Forms a culture of health care within companies, provides personalised medical support 24/7 and helps to shorten the employee's medical treatment route by up to two times. Staff >600. Moscow, St Petersburg and all of Russia. Founded in 2015.