How it all started?

We are driven by the sincere wish to represent the interests of the entire software industry to the government and to the global market. That’s why in 1999 in Saint-Petersburg 10 IT-companies formed Consortium of information technologies developers ‘Fort-Ross’, which was transformed into Non-Commercial Partnership ‘RUSSOFT’ after merging with NSDA Association in 2004.


We decided to take action when we realized that each of us can succeed in the global market only by promoting the entire IT-industry. Together we have put efforts to stand up to the lack of coordinated actions between IT companies while pursuing their interests and priorities. We have built a society based on trust, mutual respect and equal rights, where leaders of IT-companies frankly talk to each other about important matters and find solutions together.


From the moment we created the Association we started to recognize common needs, goals and troubles. To consolidate this information, in 2004 we started our annual analytic research of the software industry. The annual report is presented to the government and to the international consulting agencies on the regular basis. We entered the global market under the umbrella brand. We often participate in international events and conventions. As the Association evolved, the communication within our community became stronger.

What have we achieved?

We observe significant changes in the government’s attitude toward the software industry. The government reckon with our opinion in decisions concerning the entire industry. International consulting agencies take our annual report as reliable information of the industry development in Russia. We have become an incubator for Ukrainian and Belorussian IT-community development. Our brand became well-known in the global market. The results of the annual software export research became the main source of the relevant information about the current situation in the industry. RUSSOFT has become a powerful instrument providing the promotion of the industry’s interests in Russia and abroad.

Valentin Makarov

Message to the new members

If you share our values: trust, openness, justice, the principles of growth of the whole industry rather than specific companies, and if you agree that only coalition of software developing companies from various regions of the country can speak for the industry, we invite you to join our community and play your part in the industry development.