General Information

RUSSOFT is the most influential association of software developing companies in Russia. In 2023 we unite 348 IT-companies with over 85 000 of high-end professional employees. RUSSOFT represents the entire Russian software industry. The headquarter is located in Saint-Petersburg.

*— as of May 28th 2024

Our mission

Pooling resources for better promoting the Russian* software developing companies’ interests.

* – regards to the legal entities registered in Russian Federation, identifying software development as its main activity and having software engineers located in Russia

Our goal

Developing the software industry in Russia via:

  • creating beneficial conditions for running IT businesses in Russia;
  • improving the efficiency of the educational system, creating optimal conditions for retraining and advanced training of IT specialists;
  • effective GR to facilitate the development and promotion of government measures to support the export of IT services, software products and platform solutions.

Our values

  • Trust. 80% of CEO of the companies in our community are ready to share their experience with other members and they do it in a way: ‘to give, not to take’;
  • Openness. Our activity is public: we express the opinion of the software industry freely and independently. All the RUSSOFT Board meetings are open to the partnership members;
  • It’s important for us to represent the interests of the entire software industry, in all its different facets, but not just the interests of a few companies;
  • Justice. We provide equal opportunities for all the partnership members, regardless of location region and size of the company – from annual membership fees (depends on the size of the company’s revenue) to new initiatives launching.

Growth dynamics

In the long run, our values support the development of the Association. About 30 IT-companies join RUSSOFT annually.