The main subject of our projects is to consolidate the resources of high-technology business for achieving common strategic goals and forming an ecosystem around RUSSOFT community.

Комитет по умному городу

Комитет создан для консолидации позиции софтверного сообщества по вопросу разработки и реализации стандарта «Умный город».

Committee “Artificial Intelligence” of the association “RUSSOFT”

The Committee was established to assist in the promotion of software related to artificial intelligence systems, the development of the industry and the popularization of artificial intelligence in Russia through assistance in training personnel for the industry and participation in the development of national and international standards.

Government Relations (GR) Committee

The Committee was created for an effective dialogue between the IT-industry and the authorities

Public Relations Committee

The Committee brings together experts in the sphere of PR to effectively promote the position of IT companies and Associations in the media.