The Board is a permanent collegial body of RUSSOFT management. The Board consists of thirteen members – representatives of the legal entities – the actual RUSSOFT members: Chair of the Board and 12 Board members, including the President of RUSSOFT. Every member of RUSSOFT has one casting vote. Chair of the Board has an equal voice with other members of the Board.

Under the purview of the Board:

  • Admitting and expelling companies from RUSSOFT;
  • Setting annual membership fees;
  • RUSSOFT participation in other organizations;
  • Establishing subsidiaries and open RUSSOFT offices;
  • Adoption and correction of the RUSSOFT budget.

The Board meetings are held every month alternately in Moscow and in Saint-Petersburg. The participation in the meetings is open for all the partnership members. For others the participation is available by invitation only.

Oleg Nishonov
Chairman of the Board at RUSSOFT Association, Executive Vice President of NP Consortium Kodeks

Oleg Nishonov has been working in the group of companies Kodeks since 1997.

He is engaged in issues of legal support and state regulation of the industry. Participated in the branch exters panel on the development of Part IV of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, etc. In 2009-11, Arbitration assessor of the Arbitration Court of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region.

Member of various working groups attached to the Ministry of Communications of Russia. In the Board of NP "RUSSOFT" from 2013.

Valentin Makarov

Graduated from the Saint Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation in 1978. Completed a course of Manchester Business School (MBS) on the privatization of industrial enterprises in 1993 and a course of advanced training at the Diplomatic Academy on international cooperation in 1997. During the decade from 1978 to 1988 was working as a defence enterprise engineer at the St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. From 1988 to 1992 - secretary of the USSR Mission to UNESCO. From 1992 to 1995 – deputy director of the office of the ‘Interprivatization’ Fund. From 1995 to 1996 - executive director of the Association of Special Economic Zones of Saint-Petersburg. From 1996 to 2000 - Vice-Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee of Saint-Petersburg. From 1999 – President of ‘Fort-Ross’ - Saint-Petersburg Consortium of software developers, which was transformed into Non-Commercial Partnership ‘RUSSOFT’ after merging with NSDA Association in 2004. Valentin Makarov is also a member of the Board of APKIT, a member of the Expert Council at the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media, a member of the IT-Associations at the Ministry of Industry and Trade. The leader of the SafeNet working group at the National Technology Initiative.

Vladimir Rubanov
Chief Technical Officer for Huawei Software Development in Russia

Previously, led business and R&D activities at Virtuozzo (Paralells) as VP, at ROSA as President and CTO, at the Institute for System Programming of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ISPRAS) as Head of Department. Originated joint R&D contracts with the leading international companies (Google, IBM, Intel, Linux Foundation, NEC, Nokia, Samsung, Raiffeisen Bank, VIA Technologies, Vympelcom) to develop advanced technologies in the system software field.

Graduated from Moscow Institute for Physics and Technology (aka “Russian MIT”) with absolute honors (MSc). PhD degree in Computer Science. 50+ scientific publications.

Alexander Egorov
Founder and CEO of Reksoft

CEO of Reksoft, a leading Russian developer of turnkey digital solutions, and one of the founders of and online payment system, an expert in information technology and entrepreneurship. He is on the executive committee of RUSSOFT since its founding.

Since 1991 Reksoft provides a full range of digital transformation services, designing and development of information systems and software. Reksoft's clients include leading Russian and international companies such as Sberbank, VTB, Promsvyazbank, Gazpromneft, S7, Okey, GLONASS, AlertLogic, FXDD, and Swisscom Mobile. The company has offices in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Stockholm, Voronezh and Rostov-on-Don. Reksoft's production processes are certified according to the international standard ISO 9000:2015.

Alexander Egorov graduated from Saint Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation and holds an MBA from the Stockholm School of Economics.

Maxim Bolotov

The author of more than 50 scientific publications and has 5 certificates of software state registration. The founder of the research laboratory of mobile and web development SCINO – is a platform for the development of students’ creative initiatives and the exchange of experience with IT-experts.

Maxim is one of the founders of the software development company INOSTUDIO. In 2013 and 2014, he is in the TOP-250 of the nationwide ranking according to General Director magazine. Since 2015, the company is included in the rankings of the TOP 100 web and mobile developers in Russia

Lev Matveev
Founder, SearchInform

The author of patents in the field of unstructured information processing, took the lead of IT organisations which had from 30 to 500 employees at different stages of his career. In 1995, he founded his own company. Lev is the founder of Information Security Committee within RUSSOFT, speaker at the information security and IT conferences (conference of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the TsIPR conference (Digital Industry of Industrial Russia), the Territory of Business, ISDEF, and others). Also the founder of the international SearchInform Road Show series of conferences for information security specialists. Lev contributes author columns to Forbes, RBC, Kommersant, Izvestia, Vedomosti, and others.

As the RUSSOFT Management Board member, develops export of Russian IT solutions; promotes tax incentives or breaks and other privileges for the domestic IT sector; cooperates with SMEs; encourages conducting of RUSSOFT business events.

Maria Rukavishnikova
Founder & CEO at GetMobit I Hi-Tech Visioner I Ph.D of Economic Sciences

Expert in IT tech innovation, significant experience collaborating with software & hardware developers,  sales & marketing of intelligence products. Founder of startup Getmobit, creating Smart Workspace for B2B & B2G users.
2016 - present time,  Founder & CEO Getmobit
2017 - present time, Member of the Association of the most technically competent software developing companies from Russia RUSSOFT
2010-2014 Deputy Head of the Information Technology Department, Adviser of the Information Technology Panel in the Scientific and Technological Council Pension Fund of the Russian Federation (PFR)
2006-2010 Head of Software sales in the Government sector at IBM Eastern Europe / Asia LLC
2004-2006 System Integrator, Marketing & Public Relations manager for Government Sector at ООО Systematica

Alexey Smirnov
Chairman of the Directors Board, Basalt SPO

Has been engaged in IT since 1980, including the development of image recognition systems, systems for automatic search for evidence, simulators. Since the mid-1990s, he has been developing, localizing and implementing free software. One of the founders and managers of BaseAlt SPO, the developer of the Alt operating system based on the Linux kernel. Of great importance with the support of various hardware platforms, including domestic processors. Advocates the need for widespread use of free software in IT education at all levels.

Member of the Expert Council under the Ministry of Digital Science of Russia on the formation of the Unified Register of Russian Programs. Represents LLC "BaseAlt SPO" in the RUSSOFT Association, in the ARPP "Otechestvenny soft" and the Association of Documentary Telecommunications. One of the organizers of the annual OS DAY software developer conferences, the Free Software Developers Conference, the Free Software in Higher Education conference.

Valery Medvedev
PR-GR Director, Auriga

A 1974 graduate of Moscow State University's Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics. Has worked in the IT industry for over 45 years. At different stages of his professional career worked as a mathematical engineer and head of the programming bureau at the IVC ZIH. Currently works as a leading mathematician at the Research and Development Centre of Moscow State University and PR-GR Director of Auriga Ltd. He joined the company 29 years ago. Together with Makarov, Sukharev, Terekhov, Puntikov, Andreev, Weinstein, Egorov, Loschinin, Sviridenko, Khotin, Adylin, Kalachev and other leaders of Russian IT export companies he was at the origin of RUSSOFT. He was a member of the first board of the NSDA. This association, together with Fort Ross, was the forerunner of the RUSSOFT non-profit partnership before the merger. RUSSOFT has been involved in many of the association's PR activities since its early years. For the last two years, he has been actively involved in the organization of RUSSOFT press clubs and the work of the association's PR committee. As part of the export committee, he co-manages it and helps to organise VCSs, seminars and conferences with countries such as France, Switzerland, Germany, Korea and Japan.