Participation Benefits

1. Promotion the industry interests

You have an opportunity to initiate changes in the Russian legislation. After discussion within the RUSSOFT community, experts firm up the suggestions and push it in the government structures on behalf of RUSSOFT or Information & Computer Technologies Industry Association (APKIT) where RUSSOFT chairs the Software Development and Export committee.

2. Networking

Your employees join the RUSSOFT community (over 400 persons across the entire country). We provide and support several communication platforms for informal talks between companies’ CEO/CVO: monthly Board meetings (Moscow, Saint-Petersburg), subject dispatches with feedback option for every recipient, live chat for CEO, Facebook group.

3. Access to the services

The information about your company, products and services is published on the corresponding sections of the website, targeting potential clients from Russia and foreign countries. You get the access to the information about vacant development teams from other companies that you can hire, and you can post information yourself about outsourcing projects.

4. Access to the network of partners

Your company regularly receives best offers regarding participation both in RUSSOFT and our partners’ events. You also receive substantial discounts from our partners.

5. Staying up to date

You regularly receive the relevant information on current situation and pending developments in the IT-industry so you can affect them.