Software Engineering Conference in Russia - RUSSOFT

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Software Engineering Conference in Russia

Moscow, Russia, Oct 27, 2005 – Oct 28, 2005

The software industry in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, the Baltic and other former Soviet Union countries has been expanding at an astonishing rate and is expected to at least double over the next 2 years. Not only companies are efficiently using software to facilitate business, government and education locally, but they are also finding similar success in the global markets by capitalizing on the inherent scientific advantages of the former Soviet Union education system. Innovative and successful technology products are making way for software companies to define and reuse effective technology, organizational and business practices such as requirements, architectures, human capital, quality, and process management. A number of software houses have been able to achieve significant business process maturity levels and many are striving to understand and apply global best practices in quality.

Meanwhile… the local universities are vastly disconnected from the software industry, the governments play no active role in developing the software industry, the industry and the software academia are on the sidesteps of the global scientific collaboration, shortages of quality software engineers inhibit company growth and small teams and mid-sized companies have no practical access to best industry practice and knowledge. But, most importantly, the software development society is highly fragmented and has virtually no means to share experiences and exchange knowledge. There is no common forum to discuss the professional innovations and challenges they are faced with.
Now, the wait is over!

RUSSOFT - the Russian National Association of Software Development Companies and RUSSEE, the market leader in education and consulting for the software industry are collaborating in organizing the first Software Engineering Conference in Russia - SEC(R) 2005.

SEC(R) 2005 will act as an international forum for in-depth and substantive discussion on the emerging technologies and methodologies being developed to overcome the challenges that exist in different areas of software engineering. This conference has an ambition to consolidate the local software professional community and to integrate it into the international software society.

For the software companies this conference is a great opportunity to present and observe the most recent innovations, trends, practices and ideas in software engineering. For professionals it is a perfect chance to get the latest technical information and insights from Russian, European and US industry leaders and technical experts. For scientists and academia this is a way to present their findings and software research and find out the current industry needs and standards.


The conference will offer an exciting program of events, including keynote talks by leaders in the field, invited presentations along specialized themes, workshops, round table discussions and presentations of technical papers on software research, the cutting edge of practice, and new developments in software engineering.
The conference topics include but are not limited to the following:

1. Technology and Technology Solutions
  • Software and System Architectures and Patterns
  • Component Based Software Engineering
  • Safety and Security
  • Software for Real-Time and Embedded Systems
  • Software Reliability Engineering
  • Self-Healing Systems
  • Tools and Environments
  • Programming Languages
2. Human Aspects in Software Engineering
  • Leadership and Teamwork in Software Engineering
  • Human Capital and Resource Management
  • Skills management and Training
  • Software Education
  • Managing Client Expectations
3. Process/Management track
  • Management of Software Development
  • Requirements and Change Management
  • Agile Methods
  • Software Process and Standards
  • Software Process Improvement
  • Software Development in Distributed Environments
  • Software Quality and Testing
  • Legal and Intellectual Property Issues
  • Maintenance, Reverse and Re-engineering
  • Return on Investment Analysis
In addition this conference will provide the Technology Solution Exhibition where software companies present their automating solutions to assist managers, engineers, and developers in the complex of task of software engineering.