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The Second Open Source Forum Russia

Krokus Expo, Moscow, Russia, Jun 22, 2006

In this year the 2nd OPEN SOURCE FORUM RUSSIA will be a part of the international IT-exhibition - INTEROP Moscow 2006. The organizers already announced that the forum program was almost formed. The leaders of the world-wide open source movement will arrive in Moscow in order to take part in the Forum and to discuss the most urgent questions of open source development.

The Forum will be opened by John maddog Hall, the president of the open-source organization Linux International. Mr. Hall is the one of the founders of the open-source movement, also he is the author of a very popular book "Linux for Dummies" and many articles devoted to open source. He took part in the 1st OPEN SOURCE FORUM RUSSIA 2005, and success of this event convinced him of high interest to open source software in Russia.

One of the key speakers in the Interop Congress program will be Bruce Perens, the member of the committee of directors Open Source Risk Management, co-founder and director of Open Source - Software in the Public Interest. He is the author of the Open Source definition.

During the Forum many famous in open source community people will make a report. Andrew Morton, the lead maintainer for the Linux public production kernel and the coordinator of the development of the kernel tree for the 2.6 version in the OSDL open source laboratory; Ian Murdock, CEO of Progeny and one of the founders of Debian GNU/Linux project, one of three the most popular open source distributive; Asa Dotzler, one of the main developer of Mozilla Firefox and the community coordinator for the Mozilla Foundation; Zeev Suraski, one of the developers of the most popular programming languages such as - PHP 3.0, PHP 4.0 è PHP 5.0 on basis of Zend Engine è Zend Engine II, also the author of books about the programming methods in PHP; Robin Miller, one of the founders of modern interactive journalism and the editor-in-chief of OSTG, the basis of Open Source movement - are among them.

Wietse Venema, the world-renowned creator of TCP Wrapper and the author of the Postfix mail system and the co-author of the network scan SATAN, and one of the most competent experts in IT-security, will make a report "Open Source Security Lessons".

Christine L. Peterson, founder and vice president of Foresight Nanotech Institute, will present her view on the prospects and effectiveness of using open source software in scientific researches in whole and in nanotechnologies in particular.