4-th Annual Survey on Russian export market of software products, services and solutions

15 January 2007

RUSSOFT Assosiation, a Nation wide amalgamation of software developing companies which includes the major pan of software businesses from Russia, Ukraine and Byelorussia presents results of its forth annual Survey of the Russian Software Export

The full-scale in-depth survey of the sofiware export industry has been done for the fonh consecutive year. The reliability of the results obtained from this survey is guaranteed by the continuity of analytical methodology and by use of RUSSOFT‘s regularly updated database on companies working in the software development industry – 1200 altogether.

Polling and processing of the survey‘s results has been carried out by RUSSOFT analytical department (Mr. Anton Chupiva) with suppon oflhe Internet portal Outsourcing- Russiacom tMr. Pavel Odnoletkav). Analytical work and copy-writing have been done by Mr. Dmitry Zhelvitsky from Computer World. Ministry of lT&Communications of Russian Federation and APKIT Association have also contributed to the financing of the study.

The report contains 35 pages of text with 60+ figures presenting the industry situation from different aspects. it covers general conditions and estimates the total software export from Russia. Factual data obtained from the survey is combined with views of the main market players which makes the report extremely practical and representative. All segments of providers’ market (ODC of foreign companies, local 0SP and Russian producers of software products) have been analyzed. Pyramid of Russian soflware development industry has also been analyzed with an accent on tendencies in each sector (small.
medium and big businesses).

Geography of software companies across the country and that of international clients have been also put under consideration. Panicular attention has been paid to the image of the Russian software industry in the Global market. Views of leading international analysts on me Russian software industry have been considered as well as positioning of Russia in the Global context and the situation in the state support to the industry.

Labor market in dynamics and in geographical aspect has been studied. Present problems and future challenges have been enumerated and analyzed.

Detailed data on the operating systems. technologies and programming languages mastered by Russian companies are presented.

We express sincere gratitude to those who have actively participated in the survey and thus contributed to its results. Thanks to their active participation, the rcpon has obtained that practical and serious content which makes it indispensable source of valuable and trustful information for both foreign customers and for Russian software developers.

The report is intended to help better understand trends and realities. opportunities and challenges that one may meet in Russia while looking for software development and engineering services or for new solutions and products.

Editor in chief
President of RUSSOFT Association
Valentin Makarov

4-th Annual Survey on Russian export market of software products, services and solutions
PDF, 12 MB , in English