6-th Annual Survey of the Software Development Export Industry of Russia

07 August 2009

Dear friends,

Let me share with you the results of the 6th Annual Survey of the Russian software export industry prepared by RUSSOFT Association.

The results of this survey greatly differ from the results of the previous research and forecasts made in the 2008 report. Certainly, the major factor that affected the software industry in Russia in 2008 was the global economic crisis. It is its impact that caused changes registered during the analysis of information obtained in the framework of the present survey. We managed to identify these changes owing to the representative sampling of export enterprises (around 11%), consistent use of the same methodology, diversity of sources used and the experience of the invited analyst – Mr. Dmitry Zhelvitsky, Open Systems Publications.

The crisis led to serious problems in the industry, primarily – the decline in the IT market all over the world, which caused difficulties for providers of software development services and program products in the global market. Eventually, in 2008 exports of software and software development services decreased drastically (from 52% to 21%). We failed to hit the target of USD 3 bn of exports, its volume reaching the level of USD 2.65 bn. It can be said, that ultimately the crisis delayed the development of the industry for 1-2 years.

At the same time, the Russian industry of software development is growing at a much faster pace than the average growth rate in the world. Steady growth dynamics of Russian export industry at the level of 21% in 2008 – the year of the crisis – speaks of a robust stability margin based on the ability to solve non-standard science-intensive tasks under tight deadlines and in tough competition. The clarification of the situation driven by the global economic crisis leads to the conclusion that apart from the negative impact on the IT market, the crisis has also produced positive results for the Russian industry:
– reduced need in a new staff,
– lower lease rates for premises,
– overall reduction of expenditures in Russia due to the national currency devaluation (up to 25%).

All these factors enabled to restructure the staff and improve its efficiency as well as reduce the costs of production and, therefore, enhance the competitiveness of the Russian industry in the global market.

We are offering for Your attention our report that is intended to give insight in the Russian software export industry, its current trends in the time of the crisis and new opportunities to use Russian high-tech resources and solutions for the effective development of your business even during the crisis.

We express sincere gratitude to those who have participated in the survey and thus provided a comprehensive, adequate and reliable source of information on the Russian software export industry.

Editor-in-chief of the 6th edition,
President of RUSSOFT Association
Valentin Makarov

6-th Annual Survey of the Software Development Export Industry of Russia
PDF, 8 MB , in English