Committee “Artificial Intelligence” of the association “RUSSOFT”

Committee start: May 2022

Committee purpose:

Ensuring effective interaction between technology companies, educational, research and other organizations in the field of standardization, popularization, implementation, application and development of artificial intelligence systems in business and government projects, implementation of joint educational initiatives, scientific research and PR activities for the purposes of synergy and mutually beneficial cooperation.


Committee tasks:

  1. Assistance in the promotion of software related to artificial intelligence systems in accordance with GOST R 59277–2020
  2. Development of schemes for interaction between organizations that train personnel in the field of artificial intelligence and potential employers
  3. Preparation of expert opinions on projects nat. standards coming from the TC “Artificial Intelligence” at Rosstandart. Preparation of proposals for the national standardization plan for 2023
  4. Organization of interaction with the media for the purpose of information support for companies, their solutions, experts, as well as for the popularization of artificial intelligence


Committee presentation:


Committee chairman:

Alexey Berezin
Candidate of Economics, official representative of NP RUSSOFT in Technical Committee 164 “Artificial Intelligence”, head of organizations – software developers

Vice Chairman of the Committee:

Dmitry Shushkin
Advisor to the General Director of Metamodel Group LLC. In the IT industry since 2003. 17 years of experience in a global vendor – ABBYY. Held positions from an ordinary project manager to the General Director. Co-founder of three Russian software companies. Investor. Expert on domestic software and AI at the Russian Ministry of Digital Development

Vice Chairman of the Committee:

Veronika Zaslavskaya
Co-founder of Zello Inc, the world leader in push-to-talk applications (more than 180 million users worldwide). In 2007, member of the Management Board of RUSSOFT. In IT since 2002. The area of expertise is innovative startups. Graduated from St. Petersburg Polytechnic University.

Vice Chairman of the Committee:

Alexey Dvoretsky
Program Director in the project “SkillFactory Higher Education”, previously led the direction of education and development in the company “Human Capital Development Center”, teacher, speaker of educational conferences and consultant in the field of online education.

Vice Chairman of the Committee:

Anton Charushin
Graduated from the Institute of Precision Mechanics and Optics (ITMO), St. Petersburg, General Director of Almond-Consulting, led the development of projects on a federal scale, decision support systems


How to become a committee member:

It is necessary to send an application in free form indicating the organization, position, full name, telegram account to [email protected]