International Technology Congress

The International Technology Congress brings together the interests of the software, telecom and electronics industries – inextricable parts of the information technology industry. The event is aimed at the technological development of BRICS+countries ecosystem in its movement towards leadership in the markets of the New technological paradigm.

The Congress includes a full-scale exhibition of information technology, electronics and telecommunications and a business program, the center of which will be the International Cyber-Physical Forum.

The Congress is supported by the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation. Assistance in getting Congress ready is provided by the Russian Ministries of Industry and Trade, of Digital Development, of Economic Development and of Foreign Affairs, as well as the Russian state corporations Rostec, Rosatom and Roscosmos.

The Organizing Committee includes heads of industry organizations that unite IT developers, vendors and customers, as well as venture funds and promotion institutions.

The Congress is to present Russian and the Global South countries IT industry potential as it goes to products and services platforms where capabilities can get consolidated.

Particular attention at the Congress will be paid to international participation. The Republic of India is invited as the Special and Privileged Partner. Diverse industry associations from 57 countries are invited to present their members and nominate their representatives to the event. International vendors and suppliers as well as target customers, including government bodies are welcome at the Congress.

Networking with customers at the Congress is built according to the best world convention standards: comfortable communication with participants will be provided to international visitors in the Integra Hall, and Russian CIOs and CDTOs will be reachable in the Customer Center.

The business core of the side event program of the Congress will be Trend Clubs, where Industrial Centers of Competence, Russian authorities and venture institutions will respond to requests of vendors, developers and integrators, with an emphasis on creating common industry stacks.

The organizers of the Congress are RUSSOFT, EDMA, TSEA, Congresssoyuz LLC.

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